Advertising offer

Distribution of advertising materials

Distribution of materials before the Fair will allow Visitors see your offer and encourage them to meet you at the stand. This is an ideal way to advertise a special offer or new product available at your stand. Materials distributed during the Fair will strengthen your company's image and allow you to better reach your potential customers.

  • distribution of advertising materials (self service) – 1050 PLN net

  • distribution of advertising materials among exhibitors (in exhibitors' bags) – 300 PLN net

  • placing of advertising materials at lobby – 600 PLN net

Advertisement on the Trade Fair’s website

The HORECA® / GASTROFOOD®/ ENOEXPO Fair is visited by 15,000 Visitors, each of them using the Fair's website or social media a few months earlier. These are ideal channels to reach your target group and encourage them to meet you at the Fair.

  • direct link to the company’s website on the Exhibitors List – 100 PLN net

  • presentation on Facebook profile  200 PLN net

  • company banner (rotation dysplayed for. min. 30 days) on  1200 PLN net

  • company banner (rotation dysplayed for. min. 30 days) on – 1200 PLN net

Advertisement during the Event

Advertising during the Fair is an integral part of successful promotion. A number of possibilities that we offer allows you to choose a best solution to your needs and budget.

  • company logo on the floor plan – 250 PLN net

  • company logo on the ID badge – 3500 PLN net

    Company logo printed on the reverse side of each ID badge according to the Organiser’s design. This is an exclusive offer for one company

  • lanyard - 2500 PLN net

    Provides the Ordering Party, volume to individual arrangement, an exclusive offer

  • placing the board, banner on the fairground (1 sq.m.) – 350 PLN net/ sq.m.

  • placing the roll-up on the fairground – 500 PLN net

  • suspending on EXPO Kraków girders - limited offer

  • footprints  – individual pricing

    Footprints in shape selected by the company, placed from the main entrance to the Exhibitor’s stand, prepared by the Organiser. Without production cost

  • disposable paper pad for catering trays in fair restaurant – 4000 PLN net

    Paper mats will be distributed in the event’s restaurant. Each customer at the restaurant will receive a tray with a paper mat. Paper mats will be prepared in line with your design

  • radio spot – 900 PLN net

    30 second audio spot, delivered by the Contracting Party, broadcast 5x a day

  • TV spot – 800 PLN net

    Spot provided by customer (max duration 45 sek.) according to TwK outlines, screened min 5 times a day

External advertisement at the site of EXPO Krakow

The infrastructure of EXPO Kraków allows Exhibitors reach their clients even before they enter the facility. Banners on the parking fence or on the front of the building, advertising flags placed on the masts or in front of the entrance will make your advertisement highly visible.

  • flag in front of the EXPO Krakow building – 800 PLN net

    The printout is delivered by the Contracting party in line with guidelines from TwK. There is a possibility that TwK will prepare the printout – individual pricing
  • advertisement on the parking fencing net of EXPO Krakow – 1000 PLN net

    Dimensions of a single banner on the fencing net around the facility: 1.7m x 2.40m, should be delivered by customer, possible printing by TwK- individual pricing

  • multiformat outdoor advertisement on the front of the EXPO Kakow building (6m x 6m) – 7000 PLN net

    The printout is prepared by TwK on the basis of a graphic design delivered by the Contracting Party