Sessantacampi is niche manufacturer with whom you can relate directly whose strong suit is our craftsmanship. Harvesting is done with the utmost care and in the traditional way: the vineyards are located near the cellar and this vicinity allows for a very meticulous process that preserves the fragrance and aroma of the grapes.

Grape variety: Glera

Alcoholic Content: 11 % by vol.

Colour: light straw yellow

Perlage: fine and persisting

Aroma: a delicate smell with hints of wisteria and acacia flowers and of mountain flowers honey

Taste: fresh and agreeably sweet and fruity with a hint of spring flowers

Food pairings: with the softness of Prosecco Sparkling Extra Dry your appetizer time will be special. It suits shellfish or mollusc hors d'oeuvres and is an excellent wine to end with elegance your most refined meal

Residual sugar:15 gr / l