Fresh start!

6th-8th November 2024

EXPO Krakow, Poland

21st International Wine Trade Fair in Krakow


ENOEXPO® Trade Fair - Fresh Start!

The 21st International Wine Trade Fair in Krakow ENOEXPO®  is a unique event for the wine industry in Central Europe providing a business platform for wine producers to meet importers and importers to connect with distributors. As ENOEXPO®  takes place simultaneously with the HORECA® /GASTROFOOD Trade Fairs, it offers an unprecedented opportunity to establish relationships with the HoReCa sector. From November 6 to 8, 2024, in the modern halls of EXPO Krakow there will be a chance to discuss trends, perspectives, and challenges for the industry on both a global and local scale in various wine regions of this part of Europe. The trade fair will feature numerous presentations of wines and other spirits from many countries, meetings and workshops led by renowned experts within the ENOEXPO®  Wine Academy, MasterClass tastings and prestigious wine competitions.

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Report from ENOEXPO 2023
People - Experience - Meetings - Emotions
  • It was the first time that I gave a lecture to such a large group, so I was very pleased. The group was very diverse; people were interested in new things and very open-minded. There were a lot of questions and exchanges of ideas, so I think this kind of fair is great. I have been here before. For me, wine is always about people; there is a human being behind every wine. Here there are thousands of people who have come to exchange experiences and contacts. A trade fair like this can only help the industry in general.

  • We are here at ENOEXPO® for the first time and certainly the training courses are a big plus for us. We were able to learn something about very interesting topics, both marketing and on the subject of wine. This is certainly an added value of the fair. (...) During the event, we made new contacts, met wonderful people – you could even say we made friends, which is not surprising, because winemakers share a kind of mental bond: common traits that unite people with unusual interests.

  • I am at ENOEXPO® for the first time. The Polish market is new and very interesting for me, so when I saw information about this event on the internet, I immediately contacted the organizers. I think the fairs are well-prepared, the service is professional, and the people I talk to are very nice. I wanted to meet importers and restaurateurs here. Direct meetings, especially in the wine industry, are very important. It is essential to be at such events to have direct contact with importers.

  • This year we attended many fairs, but personally, these are my favorite because there are many professionals, many distributors, and I see a lot of business opportunities here. Our goal was to understand the Polish market. We met many people interested in our wines, exchanged numerous contacts, and we will see over time what the effects will be. I believe that we will return here next year.

  • This is the first time we have exhibited at a trade fair abroad and we are very satisfied with our participation at ENOEXPO®. My husband and I run a company in Italy, we are producers and distributors of the 900 wine brand – these are sparkling wines, including prosecco, and we are keen to develop the brand in Poland. We chose Krakow above all because I come from the area and I know that we already have many fans of our products here. Our stand has been very popular. We definitely need to bring more wines next year because people are very curious about them.

  • We are at ENOEXPO® for the second time, and for us, these are the fairs where we count on making contacts. This is what we expect, and both last year and this year have been fruitful in this regard.

  • This is our first time at the ENOEXPO® trade fair and the atmosphere is great. What’s very cool is that we’re able to do two types of business at the same time, which is to sell our products, showcase them and also find potential suppliers from regions that are hard to find at larger trade fairs. (…) With our presence at ENOEXPO®, we first and foremost wanted to show that MV Group Distribution is no longer just a producer and supplier of vodka and spirits, but that we are also growing in the area of wine. It is an excellent place for networking. Networking works great here, so I think the final effect will be significant for us.

  • We attend the ENOEXPO® trade fair regularly. We return every year because participating in the event is a big promotion of our products for us. In addition, here we can find out consumers’ opinions – whether they like the wines – and we can learn about trends and developments in the wine industry. I think it is an interesting experience for winemakers to see what customers expect from this other side. This year we are presenting wines from the Shabo winery, well-known in Ukraine but also already available thanks to us in Poland. What I will certainly remember from these three days is the very high level of interest in our stand. This is a great surprise because I see more and more people coming to the fair every year. These are the people who know wine and ask very specific questions.

  • Projekt bez nazwy (60).png

    Anastazja Levadna

    Stowarzyszenie Kobiety i Wino

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    Paweł i Agata

    Winnica Nowy Młyn

  • Projekt bez nazwy (58).png

    Matthias Bauer

    Weingut Emil Bauer

  • Projekt bez nazwy (57).png

    Antonia Landeka

    Testament Winery

  • Projekt bez nazwy (56).png

    Karolina Filoniuk-Leonardi

    900 wine

  • images.png

    Bartek Zięciowski

    Miodosytnia The Big Fellow

  • Projekt bez nazwy (55).png

    Patryk Tyszkowski

    MV Group Distribution Polska

  • Sabina Ulatowska-Chmura

    Convenience Foods Sp. z o.o.


The ENOEXPO trade fair is visited by thousands of visitors from all over Poland, as well as from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Ukraine, professionally related to the catering, hotel and wine sectors. What is more, 75% of them are people responsible for shopping decision in their companies.


A three-day tasting and training cycle for the wine industry led by experts. The academy's co-creators are exhibitors, wine associations and embassies.


This time around, in our search for the most interesting recent trends, we want to put the spotlight on natural wines, which are produced with respect for the environment and with minimum human interference. Natural wines have recently been on the rise all over the world, appearing on the wine lists of many famous restaurants and wine stores. To be manufactured, such ecological and bio-dynamic products require a huge effort from winery owners, but their consumers can always be sure that what they get is a wine borne out of passion, in a place where quality matters more than quantity. Producers, importers and distributors are all warmly welcome to come and showcase their wines at ENOEXPO®.



The International Trade Fair of Hotel and Catering Equipment HORECA® together with Food and Drinks for Catering Trade Fair GASTROFOOD®  is one of the most important events in Poland covering the gastronomy, hotel and wine industries, which is recommended by UFI, The Global Association of the Exhibition. For 29 years, we have been combining a multi-thematic formula with a valuable side events such as HORECA® and ENOEXPO® Academy of Knowledge and a culinary show as part of the unique Master's Kitchen.

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